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Reviews & Testimonies

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"Inez has been my leadership coach for almost a year and has provided me with some of the best insights of my career. She has a way of asking the right questions and cutting through to the heart of issues. She has helped me to see my blind spots, overcome challenges with key people that I work with, and adjust to significant changes within our organization by resetting my perspective. Her work has gone beyond my corporate setting in that it has allowed me to reframe even challenging personal relationships, which has been an added bonus. The best testimony to her undeniable value is that I have asked my employer to continue providing me with her leadership coaching services for 2024! ”

L.S. (1/3/24) 

Dear Inez, Thank you for your mentorship, and smile.  I now understand that Emotional Intelligence skills are built by practicing. Thanks for being a great role model.                           N.Y. 

Inez, thank you for your guidance, experience and teachings that have literally changed my life. Because of the time I shared with you I am a better listener and I instill more curiosity in my conversation. I practice this in life not just work.                                         H. S. 

I'm happy to see that you will continue to touch people's life like you did with me with all your knowledge and advice.
                                                G. P. 

Thank you for introducing me in the "coaching world".
                                                E. K. 

It has been a true pleasure working with you and I am glad I was able to be a part of  your BCC cohort.  Your passion for developing leaders to be caring, empathetic and emotionally intelligent human beings is a very noble cause and I wish you great success in your future endeavors. 
D. H. 

Dear Inez, I am happy to support you in your coaching practice.  I know that whatever you do next, you will continue to touch lives in a beautiful way.                                                                    K. M. 

 Dear Inez,
You are one of those people that I can't ever forget. It has been years since I completed the BCC program, but also thanks to you, I really enjoyed it.
                                                  M. W. 

Inez, I enjoyed very much our training sessions, your calm and love for what you do is contagious.  Emotional Intelligence is one of my favorite subjects and thanks to you to in part that curiosity in me.                     I.F. 

Crossing your path has been delightful.  N.M. 

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