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Learn to Limit Self Sabotaging Thoughts!
Boost your mental fitness for peak performance and happiness!

Positive Intelligence will change your life !

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My Testimony

Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program WORKS!!! 

I learned to call my saboteurs by name, challenge them, and, in effect, weaken their impact on my response, my performance and my relationships. 


The daily access to the recordings and PQ Rep practices on the PQ app enabled me to build and strengthen my mental fitness muscles and establish new habits.  

I am happier, feel more in control of my brain and thoughts, and have practices that I can perform routinely to help me deal with the stresses and challenges of daily life. 

My colleagues, friends and family have commented on the changes in my behavior!


It feels good! 

Book a Discovery call so that I can share more about this wonderful program and discuss how it can work for you!   

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