Personal Presence

Building Your Personal Presence 

"Put Emotional Intelligence To Work For You! “

Are you looking for ways to address: 

  • Feeling invisible or misunderstood by your peers or colleagues (Personal Power)

  • Struggling to build your confidence and speak up for yourself (Self Advocacy)

  • Negative thoughts and self-sabotage that always get in the way (Self Sabotage)

  • Feeling powerless to ask for or give feedback and deal with difficult conversations (Confidence and Self Awareness)

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Would you like to work with Inez to build your Personal Presence?

How Do



Join Inez in four (4) "awesome" sessions, as we will work through her "Personal Presence"  Program Modules. 

In each session, Inez will work with you to unpack the following topics that are key to improving Emotional Intelligence and building your Personal Presence.

Module 1: Building Your Personal Power

  • Discussion:  Understand the five (5) types of Personal Power, and complete the Personal Power Assessment

  • Take-Away : Personal Presence Action Plan template.  Use this document to capture your plans and next steps for this module and each of the following modules.  

Module 2Building Your Self Advocacy

  • Discussion: Marketing yourself and building your brand.  Discuss the common challenges that you face in "talking" about your accomplishments​ and how to overcome them

  • Take-Away : Add a page to the Personal Presence Action Plan to focus on ways to be more courageous and outline steps to identify your personal brand.

Module 3:  Managing Negative Thoughts  - Self-sabotage

  • Discussion: Understanding the cause of negative thoughts.  Discuss your negative thoughts and self-sabotage and identify ways to address them.

  • Take-Away : Add a page to the Personal Presence Action Plan to outline actions you will take to effectively improve your self awareness and plan how to positively respond to negative thoughts in the future.

Module 4: Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Discussion: Handling Feedback Fears.  Discuss ways to ask for and give feedback that makes a positive impact​. 

  • Take-Away : Add a page to the Personal Presence Action Plan to identify ways that you will build your confidence and prepare for future opportunities to ask for, give, and receive feedback.