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Leadership Accelerator Program 

Program Description

The Leadership Accelerator Program begins with 2 Personal Assessments:

  • the EQ-i 2.0 Assessment - a state-of-art Emotional Intelligence Assessment that will help us to identifying your strengths and weaknesses  

  • the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Saboteur Report - this report will help us to highlight your mental fitness strengths and rank any possible self-saboteurs that may be present for you.

  • 2 Assessment review and consultation sessions


We will partner together to build a customized program tailored to focus on the leadership challenges that you want to address and the results of your 2 assessments.  We will meet virtually in a non-judgmental, confidential, and safe environment to discuss specific leadership situations, and consider options, new concepts, and scenarios to practice and apply in your work environment.  We will focus on building strong executive presence as well as practice your "servant leader" skills.  

I will be available via text and e-mail between sessions to keep up the momentum and provide support to address specific challenges or opportunities. 


Program Duration

6 Weeks 

2 weeks to complete and review the assessments

4 weeks of dedicated Leadership coaching sessions

BONUS : EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment

BONUS: EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Review and Consult

BONUS : Positive Intelligence Assessment

BONUS: Positive Intelligence Report Review and Consult

BONUS: Text/email support between sessions 

Pointing Pencil

Who should enroll?

This coaching program will be customized for you.


For Leaders: If you want to improve your Executive Presence, improve your engagement and be a stronger influence on your team, or work on your Emotional Intelligence skills (Empathy, listening, building trust, setting a safe environment and productive team culture). 

For Future Leaders: If you want to learn what it means to be an effective, trusted leader, who has a growth mindset, can manage your emotions and is aware of the team culture, can a high performing team that enjoys working together and with you. 

What to Expect? 

  • Improved self-confidence in your abilities as a leader

  • Based on the results of the Assessment, a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and/or self-sabotuers

  • Practices and suggestions for managing the challenges that you identified

  • A better understanding and insight into the dynamics of the team that you lead and the management team that you interface with

  • Capture and document your personal thoughts, challenges, and goals. Connection with your purpose and inner drive and motivation

  • Capture the areas that you want to focus on and track your progress, while keeping yourself accountable to the goals and progress that you set.

  • Improved Self Awareness and relationship building skills - Better communication with your colleagues and management and team.

  • Practices for managing self-saboteurs to address self-doubt, addressing imposter syndrome and challenging negative thoughts.

  • Improved leaderships skills, better listener, more empathetic, more curiousity, and able to inspire and influence others.

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