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Grow Together - Group Coaching Program 


Program Description:

The group sessions are structured to include people with similar goals and/or challenges who come together to collaborate on custom topics that will have the most impact on their career and performance. 


Everyone is expected to be present and participate, sharing knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned, while providing feed-back and suggestions to benefit the other members.  The session format will include open discussions, dedicated breakout sessions, and debriefings.  


The coach will establish a psychologically safe environment and conduct routine checkpoints throughout the program to confirm that all members feel accountable and challenged and are satisfied with the group progress.


The session topics are selected by the group participants and will include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding your "Why"

  • Managing imposter syndrome and other self saboteurs

  • Identify challenges / fears and build responses

  • Build Courage and Confidence 

  • Practice and get feed-back 

  • Becoming more socially aware

Program Duration

6 Weeks 

Limited to 6 group members


Program Includes

Six 90-minute Group Coaching sessions 

Group Coaching credentials
New Year Celebrations

Who should enroll?

This program is for leaders, manager, team leads, project managers and others who:

  • Struggle to manage daily pain-points that occur in the work environment related to conflict management, team motivation, handling stakeholder expectations, stresses and pressures of resolving all issues and keeping everything moving smoothly

  • Have trouble managing negative thoughts and self-sabotuers related to:

    • Imposter syndrome (feeling inadequate, unappreciated, isolated and undervalued by colleagues and management)

    • Control issues (feeling loss of control, or uncertain about exactly what is in their span of control)

    • Pleasing issues (Uncomfortable saying "no", or uncertain when they have the option to push back on unrealistic expectations for themselves or the teams that they manage)

What to Expect? 

The expected outcomes for the sessions will be set by the group, with focus on the following:

  • Building self confidence by sharing experiences and receiving feed-back, suggestions, accountability challenges and lessons learned from your peers.

  • Identifying and practicing responses to self-sabotuers and negative thinking

  • Build mental fitness muscle founded upon applying positive thinking practices

  • Peer-to-peer discussions and break-out sessions to focus on group topics

  • Ideas and actions that you can practice and apply to day-to-day situations right away, leading to immediate results and celebration of small wins

  • A community of peer support, in a safe and private environment


In the psychologically safe group coaching environment, you will be expected to:

  • Share your experiences and be a bit vulnerable

  • Participate and offer suggestions and insights to your peers

  • Be accountable to yourself to execute the plans that you make

  • Celebrate and help others celebrate even the very small wins

  • Enjoy being part of the group community

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