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We must be perfectly matched. During our initial "Discovery" session, we will get to know each other. I will introduce myself and set your expectations for me as your coaching partner and describe the safe and confidential environment that will be established. I have exercises and inquiries that will guide our discussions of your values, dreams, and the goals you would like to achieve as result of our sessions together.   We will dig into what makes you "you".


You are making an investment in yourself. As your coaching partner, I will work with you to set clear goals, with the understanding that we will adjust or "course correct" as needed to stay aligned with your expected outcomes.


Are you ready to be coached?  Studies have proven that successful coaching sessions are heavily dependent upon the client's mindset and willingness to be open and ready to consider new options, thoughts or approaches to achieving their goals.  Are there behaviors or "sabotaging" thoughts that you want to change?


My role as your coach.  As your "world class" coach, I apply a reflective approach to leadership and emotional intelligence coaching for career, leadership development and peak performance. 

My experience. I have multiple Business and Emotional Intelligence Certifications, am an ICF member,  and have studied under several of the great coaching gurus of our time including Daniel Goleman, Marshall Goldsmith, David B. Peterson, Marcia Reynolds, and more.  As a constant learner, I attend annual coaching conferences and seminars and is a member of the World Business & Executive Coach community and other coaching networks.


I have coached hundreds of clients including executives, senior leaders, managers, and other professionals in identifying and making plans to address their unique challenges or setbacks.  I work with clients at their own pace, without judgement, to "peel back the layers" to uncover the true cause of specific feelings or behaviors, "name them" and then build a step by step action plan that you design.


Let's get started!


Click the button below to schedule a 30 minute Discovery call with Inez today!

" Everyone Needs a Coach"

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