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Show-Up - 1x1 Individual Coaching Program 


Program Description:

We partner together to build a customized program based on your challenges, needs, and goals.  Each session is focused on what you want to accomplish.  I apply my coaching skills to reflect what I am hearing and to guide you to build the leadership, emotional intelligence, or positive intelligence skills that empower you  to overcome whatever is holding you back, address self-sabotuers, and build mental fitness muscle. 

Program Duration

4 Weeks

One 30-minute Positive Intelligence Assessment Results Review 

Four 60-minute customized coaching sessions

BONUS : Positive Intelligence Assessment

BONUS: Positive Intelligence Report Review and Consult

BONUS: Text/email support between sessions 

Life Coach

Who should enroll?

This intensive coaching program is customized to focus on your personal challenges, setbacks and desire for making change, setting goals, and being accountable to yourself to get what you want in your career or personal life.  This dedicated program is for you if you: 

  1. Struggle with self-doubt and negative thoughts

  2. Would like to improve their self-awareness

  3. Would like to make definite change in how they are perceived by others

  4. What to work with a coach to set achievable goals and have a coach to help you stay on track 

  5. Make 2023-24 your year for positive change and celebrate along the way

What to Expect? 

  • Capture and document your personal thoughts, challenges, and goals. Connection with your purpose and inner drive and motivation

  • Capture the areas that you want to focus on and track your progress, while keeping yourself accountable to the goals and progress that you set.

  • Improved Self Awareness and relationship building skills

  • Improved communication with your colleagues and management and team.

  • Practices for managing self-saboteurs to help you address self-doubt, imposter syndrome and challenge negative thoughts

  • Improved leaderships skills

    • be a better listener,

    • more empathetic,

    • show more curiosity

    • able to inspire and influence others


What is the investment? 

The investment is $997.

Installment plans are available upon registration. 

75% refund is available, if cancelled before the 3rd session.

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